Elective Seminar

The Bible: Reliable Witness or Religious Relic?


Byron Straughn

Byron Straughn serves with Cru's Theological Development Team. He is married to Amy and they have 3 children: Graeme, Elinore and Jane. Byron studied at Virginia Tech (BS) and Southern Seminary (MDiv). He also serves as an elder in their church in Pennsylvania. Byron traveled and lived in several countries as a third culture kid and Cru staff member, including a stint to North Africa. He enjoys making new friends and learning about different perspectives over coffee and tea.


When's the last time you heard "the Bible is the divinely inspired Word of God"? Would you feel embarrassed to say that? After all, it's an old book, written by who knows who, and has been used to oppress people and suppress ideas. The Bible has been translated and copied through the ages. During this seminar, we want to consider questions about the Bible, but also understand how it's worthy of our trust.

Seminar Video