Elective Seminar

Self-awareness, Relational Wisdom & Leadership Development through the Enneagram


David Kim

David Kim is a discipleship pastor at WestGate Church in Silicon Valley, author of A Kids Book About Change and a certified Enneagram coach. He received M.Div. & Th.M. from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and is passionate about helping individuals and teams grow in self-awareness, emotional and spiritual health. He is married to Nina and has two daughters, Skylar & Zoey. You can find him @davidjanghyunkim and davidjanghyunkim.com


What is the Enneagram? How can Christians use the tool of the Enneagram to grow in our formation to Jesus? Why is it important to know my blindspots and the way we relate to others? Come and explore some practical steps that will strengthen my self-awareness, relationships and discern my leadership styles. (We recommend this seminar for older students who are in leadership positions)

Seminar Video