Elective Seminar

Sexual Wholeness: God’s Redemptive Story in the Midst of Sexual Brokenness (women only)


Grace Yoon

Grace Yoon graduated from UC Irvine where she was found her passion and joy in being a soonjang, and was on staff with Soon Movement for 9 years with her husband, Sokin. She's a full-time mom now to two beautiful/spunky girls, Audrey and Norah. While she is enjoying this new season of her life, she has found the saying to be true - once a staff, always a staff.


51% of male students and 32% of female students first viewed pornography before their teenage years. 1 out of 4 women experience sexual assault. Statistically, everyone is affected by sexual brokenness and the consequences can be lasting and tragic. The availability and prevalence of sexual vices has created strongholds of guilt, shame, promiscuity, and depression. This seminar will seek to help examine how God's redemptive power weaves into our journey to bring forth healing, restoration, and the ability to view and uphold sex and sexuality in the way that God designed it - for His glory.

This seminar was not recorded