Small group

welcome to small group

Small Groups will be happening on Discord (the app). If you haven’t joined the HCC Discord Server, please do so now. You can find the Discord Link to join and more here.

You have been prayed for! We are so happy to finally meet you at this year’s Higher Calling Conference. 2020 has been such a bizarre and confusing year for all of us. And as this unprecedented year is coming to an end, let’s take this time together to experience God’s steadfast love for us. It is our prayer that every single person in this group will become a blessing to each other. God will use every single member of this group to speak to you and reveal His heart to you.

Let’s get to know each other a little better. Begin by briefly introducing yourselves to one another (name, school, hometown, ethnicity, etc.) and get to know each other with this fun ice breaker below:

“Personal Scavenger Hunt”

Take five minutes to find the following items in your room or purses:
Something that …

Go around sharing your items and get to know each other’s stories.

Afterwards, take a moment to share and pray over your worries,
hindrances and expectations for the next three days.