Soul Care

Soul Care Time: 12/28(Tue) 11am-7pm (Virtual)

Higher Calling Soul Care Ministry is a conference care ministry to provide care and spiritual direction to help people in their process to grow and mature in their relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and others. We minister to those who seek to reflect any inner issues that might be hindering your relationship with God to fully be blessed through this conference. We also seek to help you build healthy soul to enjoy emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being in the way God created us to be.

We believe in the power of healing, restoration, and revelation from God through the process of active listening and empathetic reflection. The ministry takes place through a form of conversational sessions, one on one basis, to listen to your current problems and issues. Our goal is to provide ministry of soul care and spiritual direction.

We believe that God is The Restorer of Souls, and we partner with him and journey with individuals to find wholeness and freedom in God. We apply Scriptural truth to renew the mind, heal damaged emotions, manage negative ones, and submit to the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the active working of ministry of Holy Spirit to heal, free, and restore our lives. We believe it is our role to help, guide, and serve you to connect with the Source.


Name: Cindy Lee

Cindy Lee have been involved as a bible study teacher and worship co-leader for K-college, prior to becoming a mentor and soul care counselor. She is a graduate of Talbot, Biola University, with a masters in Christian Ministry and Leadership with an emphasis in Pastoral Care and Counseling. She has provided soul care to children, teens, college students and young adult during various times throughout their life stage. Her passion is for students to be inspired to be healed and transformed by the gospel, to find their vocational calling in education, college and career, and to know that they are loved and known by God as they experience freedom of forgiveness and grace in their character development through faith in Jesus Christ.

Name: Judy Pak

Edu pastor since 2002
KCCC Staff 2001-2017
Graduated Talbot Seminary
Major in Masters in Divinity Pastoral Care and Counseling
Currently Middle School Pastor at Corona Thanksgiving Church

Name: Hosun Kwon

Hosun Kwon is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, and works for the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health as a Program Manager I. She has two adult children with Tim Kwon, who pastors the Irvine Baptist Church, Irvine, California. Hosun has volunteered for the Soul Care Ministry for the past years

Name: Young Jin Kum


  • 1976-1980 EWHA Women’s University
  • 1984-1989 Missionary to the Philippines
  • 1984-1987 Graduated ISOT- Asia ( M.A. in Christian Ministry)
  • 1995-1997 Pastoral Clinic Center in Korea (M.A. in Pastoral counseling)
  • 2015 Graduate Talbot Seminary (D. Min – Family Ministry)
  • 2002-2012 Director of Family Ministry in Sa-Rang Community Church with husband
  • 2006- Present Director of Family Builders Ministry (NPO)
  • 2008- 2013 Faculty Member of Bethesda Christian University
  • 2014- 2018 Faculty Member of Agape Christian University (Family Ministry)
  • 2019- Present Faculty Member of Kernel University


  • Why my marriage is tarrying : 12 Reasons co-authors, Kyu-Jang:2001
  • The Recovery of Marriage life (2004), co-authors
  • How to date (Korean), Tyrannus: 2007
  • How to solve conflict for couples (2010) co-authors
  • Healthy life for divorcees (Korean),Noransup: 2004 (Co-author with Husband)

Name: Pastor Ben

Pastor Ben has an MA in Pastoral Care and Counseling from Talbot Seminary and MDIV from International Theological Seminary. He has been serving young people in various campus and youth ministries for the last 13 years. He also established his own Christian counseling practice ( to help families and young people cope with relational difficulties. He is deeply committed to the well being of families. His vision is to restore broken homes and individuals with the love of Jesus Christ and by the power of the Word of God. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Jubilee Church in Frisco, TX.

Name: Byung Dal (Matthias) Kum

  • 1976 ~ ’80 Graduated SNU(Seoul National University, Korea) Major in Chinese Language & Literature
  • ’80 ~ ’82 C.C.C. staff training(Great Commission Training Center)
  • ’84 ~ ’87 International School Of Theology (M. Div.)
  • ’87~ ’89 Asia Graduate School of Theology (Th. M) – New Testament (Pauline Theology) Major
  • ’96~ 2002 Fuller Theological Seminary (D. Min.) Family Ministry Focus)
  • 2015~’19 Golden State University School of Acupuncture (Master of Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine)

Name: MarieWoods


  • Master in Theology and Christian Education from Dallas Theological Seminary, Master in Biblical Counseling from Dallas Theological Seminary, Board certified Mental Health Coach
  • She is bilingual (English & Mandarin), love to work with people both in counseling and coaching.

How to apply

If you would like to participate in Soul Care, please fill out the Liability form and apply by phone or email below.

  1. First, fill out the Liability form and send it to
  2. Text 714-335-7765. “I want to make a Soul Care schedule” Then Pastor Judy will contact you later.

Contact Info
Pastor Judy Park: 714-335-7765

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  2. 714-335-7765 로 다음과 같이 문자를 보내주세요. ” I want to make a Soul Care schedule” 그러면 담당자인 Judy 전도사님이 연락 주실 겁니다. 

연락처: Judy Park 714-335-7765


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