Conference Orientation


Dear HCC Attendees @everyone

on behalf of SOON Movement Global, we sincerely love you and will continue praying for you. God has done such a mighty and supernatural work the last 3 days. The real fight begins NOW.

Wraps it up!

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard and faithfully on this conference! It was truly a powerful, super interactive, and spirit-filled 3 days with everyone!

Welcome to Higher Calling 2020!

 Merry Christmas HCC 2020 Attendee!  We’re so excited to have you joining us for Higher Calling USA 2020 – Steadfast! The conference …

Morning Devotional 12/28, 29 @7:30 AM

We strongly encourage you to start off your day with God! Here in this booklet we have provided you with three suggested devotionals that follow along with our theme. We hope that this will help you ready your heart for everything God has in store for you throughout our conference!

SOUL CARE [zoom by appointment] @ The each appointment time

You will have opportunities to share about their personal struggles and receive prayers one on one through zoom. Submit the applications and the soul care team will contact you and will make an appointment. 

Plenary I, II, III, IV - [ZOOM] 12/27@7PM, 12/28,29@ 8:30AM&7PM

Plenary, our main session of the conference, consists of praise, message, & prayer. Join us as we all tune in together to worship the Lord and discover more of His heart for us and the rest of the world. Come see what the Lord has in store for you personally and corporately.

Elective Seminars - [Zoom] 12/28 @ 11:30AM

For these sessions you can choose to go to one of the many awesome seminars we are offering. Each speaker we’ve invited is well-versed in his or her given topic and we strongly recommend that you prayerfully pick which elective seminars peak your interest. Don’t forget to sign up to pick which seminar you’d like to attend! (click the person icon on each seminar speakers)

ACtivity - [ZOOM] 12/28@2PM

contents description and how to join 

small Group 12/28,29 @ 9:30 PM

contents description and how to join